• Arthur: a creative, collaborative community: we have begun discussions with a number of Peterborough bars and cafés about establishing working relationships with them. Several have expressed their interest should we be elected and we have a discussed a framework with one of them. With this flagship policy, we would collaborate to hold events a couple of times at each place every term. Arthur should not only be the student voice in the community, but should also work with the community, offering the community as much as it can offer us. These collaborations raise lots of opportunities, from bonding with the community and raising substantial funds for the paper, to stimulating new ideas and new ways to practice our ideas. A fair estimate at this point suggests we could raise the equivalent funds to hire an additional, unsubsidised staff member. These events could range from gigs, lecturers and interviews to more light-hearted, alochol-induced Vicestyle events with the student community
  • 5for3: Students can, where previously arranged with departments, earn an extra 5% on their grade if they have three articles published in Arthur. This broadens our writer base and gives students applied writing experience in their respective fields
  • Defined roles for reporters: we would assign reporters specific roles, establishing consistency and allowing writers to develop their own voice and carve out a niche for themselves- writers will still have the opportunity to write on other issues. In allowing writers to nurture their specific interests, we see that this will improve the quality of coverage, giving writers the opportunity to pull out emerging trends and themes in their area. On top of this, this will breed a sense of community for readers, who will quickly become familiar with the writers that interest them. This should contribute to a shared Arthur identity and emphasise a sense of community
  • Show reviews: rather than reviewing specific show reviews, instead we’ll do a profile on a music venue each month. We think that a show review is redundant and foments a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) in the community. Instead we will attempt to build community by giving Trent students and the broader public introductions to the different cultural hubs in the downtown core. This is idea goes to the heart of the importance we place on Peterborough culture
  • Website: we would look into extending the use of the website, as well as user experience. This gives us the opportunity to have a wider variety of content alongside print issues, such as video and audio, whilst some potential advertising to raise funds. While we would not want so much advertising, for fear of detracting from the user experience, we also aware that given recent financial issues, any funds that we can raise will be helpful.
  • Social media: we would use social media much more often, in sharing articles, covering events, engaging with readers and much more. For instance, reporters would have access to the Arthur twitter account at events so they can live tweet what’s going on, they may use Facebook to livestream events and possibly the use of an Arthur Snapchat
  • Writers-led issue: At the beginning of each semester we plan to divide staff writers into two groups. Throughout the semester these groups will, independent of one another, decide on a staff lead issue for their group. The focus and theme of that issue is dedicated to a theme decided by the staff.There will be biweekly meetings between these groups and editors who will offer guidance, resources, and support for the groups to grow their journalistic skills.

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